Enterprise data storage and servers for performance, reliability and agility

RCR Technologies Inc. offers complete enterprise hardware solutions, customized for your business needs and backed up with our commitment to customer service.


We’re proud to be an Oracle GOLD Partner and offer Oracle’s industry-leading server technology. Oracle servers are designed for high performance, zero downtime and energy-efficient operation, saving costs and allowing IT managers to meet demands and optimize resources. RCR also offers enterprise server solutions from other partners to fit every situation.

Data storage

Our customers rely on data to run their businesses and we offer data storage solutions that give them fast, reliable performance with no downtime. Plus, we protect your investment in valuable hardware with scalable solutions that can grow with your business needs. Together with the right operating system and virtualization software, your data is secure and always available when you need it.

Backup and recovery

Backup is a part of every data storage solution, so you’re never without access to essential data for your business. We can provide offsite cloud and onsite solutions, such as modular tape libraries and disk-based systems that provide scalable, simple-to-use, and cost-effective archiving and backup storage.

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